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Calculus Videos makes it easy to search for calculus related videos. Just enter your search term into the search box on the homepage. Then click on your favorite result (either click the thumbnail image or the title) to go to that video (usually on Youtube). Clicking on a description will expand it so you can read more info. Clicking it again will collapse it.

Improving Results

If you cannot find the right video, there are several filters available:
  • Filter by the most appropriate class (Precalculus, Calculus I, Calculus II, Multivariable Calculus, or Differential Equations) to only see videos from that class.
  • Filter by topic to get relevant videos. Note that not all videos are fully (or correctly) categorized by topic so some good videos may be missing.
  • Filter by source to only get videos from your favorite channel(s).
  • Filter by length to only get short videos, long videos, or whatever.
  • If you only want videos with captions then filter by caption = True. The quality of the captions may vary.
  • Filter by video type (tutorial, lecture, problem(s), tips, and context) to get videos of the right format. Note that not all videos are fully/correctly categorized by type.
Once you have entered the desired filter, click the Add button to add the filter. Your current list of filters will be displayed, but clicking the Hide button will move it out of the way. To remove a filter, click the X button to the left of the filter you wish to remove.
Once you have created your filters you can browse all videos satisfying those filters by leaving the search field blank or you can enter a search term. Clicking on a source, topic, or class in a search result will also allow you to quickly add a filter.


Create a playlist of Calculus videos. Go to the playlists page and add videos to your playlist. Edit the template to generate HTML that can be added to your site.


The index is not complete. Categorization is far from complete. Rankings are a bit arbitrary. All links are currently to Youtube so there will be ads and if Youtube is blocked then the site is pretty useless for now. The site might not look great on every device.


Upcoming improvement might include:
  • Adding more videos (especially non-Youtube videos).
  • Improving the topic tagging and allowing users to collaboratively add tags.
  • Improving the ranking algorithm.
  • Improved search by math terms.
  • A really awesome Calculus video generator.


Send an email to with any questions or concerns. If you would like your video to be removed from the index, send an email. If you want to suggest a video or improve the index, please wait until such functionality is possible. For more projects from the same team, visit Triplelog.